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Hogs-Booked thru 2015

Image of hunter with a killed wild boarOn the Homer Martin Ranch, the feral hogs are big, mean, and numerous, so come hunt the wild boar in our rugged pastures and creek bottoms. Wild swine in Texas are rapidly gaining popularity as a hunting target. The reasons are numerous. Number one - They're smart, so the hunting can be challenging. Number two – You can take hogs by any method year-round, meaning you don’t have to wait for deer season to sharpen your hunting skills. And last, though not least, number three -- Wild pork, particularly from smaller hogs, is lean and flavorful meat.

Image of hunter with a killed hogYou’re welcome to stalk during the day, or hunt at night. For an additional cost, we can arrange helicopter or dog hunts. Call ahead to make arrangements.

The Homer Martin Ranch is exclusively opened to bow-hunters during the deer season; however, we do allow hunters to use rifles, shotguns, or bows when hunting feral hogs. If you can use the weapon and it’s legal, we allow it. Get them suckers!

Image of hunter with a feral hogAs a matter of fact, we love hog hunters so much that we don’t charge for hog hunting! Rather, we only charge for lodging. Don’t forget to read about additional policies found on the General Hunting Information page.

Come test your hunting skills on the Homer Martin Ranch.


Lodging Only
$75 / hunter
Additional Day Cost
$75 / hunter per day
Game Allowed
Unlimited Hogs