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White Tail Deer

The photos above are from 2007-2009

Every deer-hunting season, the Homer Martin Ranch opens our facilities exclusively to bow hunters from across the United States. Over 90% of bow hunters return! Please read below about what we do to ensure that you have the best outdoors experience, and when you decide to come and stay, don’t forget to read about additional policies found on the General Hunting Information page.. We hope you come to visit.

Game Management

For the past 29 years, the ranch has participated in a game management program in consultation with professional wildlife biologists. The goal of this program has been to produce a high number of mature bucks of 8 points or better. Due to the lower deer population and implementation of a protein-feeding program, we are witnessing an increase in body weight of both sexes and antler development in the younger class of bucks. Happily, we are consistently harvesting bucks that score 125-150 Pope and Young!

Deer Hunting Amenities

The ranch offers twenty-two spincast feeders as well as 13 1000# protein feeders. Hunters must provide their own stands and will not be allowed to hunt or harvest within 150 yards of the ranch deer feeders. Hunters will be allowed to bait their own hunting areas. By implementing this change, we hope the deer will not become too skittish, reducing the chance of wounding deer and/or harvesting immature bucks. In addition, areas are provided for hunters who wish to furnish and erect their own tree-stands.

Game Allowed for Harvest

We are a ranch that is interested in harvesting mature/post mature bucks, which we consider to be five and half years or older. We will make every effort to educate hunters in the different criteria used to field age deer. Each hunter may take 1 trophy buck, 1 management buck, 2 does, 1 turkey, and unlimited hogs and exotic game. To qualify as trophy buck, the deer must be at least five and half years old and exhibit other desirable traits in regards to basal circumference, antler mass, tine and beam length. Hunters must be willing to allow younger immature bucks to walk and become more selective about what they’re willing to harvest, or we won’t see the full results of the protein-feeding program. Any buck not meeting the five and half year age requirement will be deemed a penalty buck and a $300 fee will be assessed. There will be no exceptions. Deer wounded but not recovered will count to your allotment of deer. Cull bucks to be harvested will be determined after surveys are completed in August. Anyone killing a coyote will receive a $100 bounty and anyone killing a bobcat will receive a $50 bounty.

Hunting Rules

By paying your deposit, you agree to the following rules. Please read carefully.

  • All Texas game laws and landowner bag limits will be complied with.
  • Each hunter will have a valid Texas hunting license and will complete a daily record of game harvested and seen using forms provided by the land owner.
  • Each hunter will check out with the landowner after completing the hunt and before leaving the ranch.
  • A hunter must arrive no earlier than 12:00 PM on the first day of the hunt, and must checkout no later than 10:30 AM on the last day of the hunt. This is to ensure that the ranch staff has ample time to prepare for the proceeding group.
  • Each hunter or guest will be required to sign a liability release. The landowner guaranties only the opportunity to hunt. There is no kill guarantee.
  • Littering of the ranch will be grounds for immediate cancellation of hunting privileges without a refund.
  • A more extensive list of rules will be provided at camp stay during orientation.

Larger ATVs, such as Polaris Rangers and Kawasaki Mules, are welcomed; however, smaller models are not allowed for use on the ranch during hunts. No Exceptions.


$700 / hunter 4 days and 4 nights
$300 / hunter
Additional Day Cost
$100 / hunter per day